Company Background

Mr. K.Y Tam established Pattern Furniture Design Ltd in 1975, then restructured it into Pattern Design & Engineering Ltd in 2013.


Projects mainly residential ,offices, etc.All the project must be monitored and managed by directors. Pattern are extremely strict for each project , make sure to provide the high quality to the clients. Meanwhile, Pattern  provide the professional design as well .


Meanwhile, Kinson Tam joined Pattern Design & Engineering Ltd in 2013 as Design Director.Kinson was with some Architects Ltd and interior Design Ltd, where he developed his professional skills and knowledge in the course of hotel interiors and residential which are the Hotel Icon, A Park Lane Hong Kong A Pullman Hotel, Marina Bay Sands Group, Mitsui Garden Millennium Hotel, Ginza, Japan, Shangri-la Hotel Group, Henderson Land ,Kerry Properties etc.


Kinson graduated from the Birmingham City University with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design in 2008.




“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

 BY Albert Schweitzer


Each project is not the job only, it will be become the favorite for us. The project is developed by an experienced team, with a high degree of participation by K.Y Tam to ensure high quality and market acceptance for the client. Especially, the workmanship and durability.